Your Ticket to Success in Life and Business

We are all born with a purpose and a mission, if we all knew what will happen there will be no reason for us to be here.

What many people do not realise is and what is sad also, that often their whole life they are unaware that we are all born with a gift and your gift is the source of your value once you discover what it is.

I recognised that the gift is placed within us and gives us subtle nudges in our lifetime like the gut feeling, like the heart jumping like this urge and feeling that there is something else, something more for us to do, to see to contribute.

All those who chose the entrepreneurial journey of any form at least majority of them have the urge of creation, contribution and being a part of a bigger picture and change in the world no matter in what way they will bring it.

God gave us gifts and we are fully equipped to achieve our wildest dreams because dreams are seeds of action. Thanks to dreams and visions we have as a humanity achieved so much because people felt the drive to do something, discover something and make a difference.

The change and magic comes when we give, you should know this by now that by giving we bringing more wealth into our life and if you are still lost not knowing what your purpose is, what to do with your life, and if the path you have chosen is the right one; well my friend it is time to start to listen to your inner voice and your intuition.

School can only teach you so much and in the majority of cases, society and the schooling system is suppressing the true us and true potential we have.

When we do that we are lost we do not have a sense of belonging because something is out of place and it is missing.

Everyone is showing us what the right way should be and our whole body and system is reacting to this because deep down you know there must be something else and to fully feel fulfilled and joyful, you have to use those gifts that are given to you.

It is not to say that this journey will be easy but it will be one that will bring the biggest transformation, challenge change and magic into your life and life of other people surrounding you.

We are a contributors and courageous people who decided to pursue their dreams are those who understand that the pain is needed to grow and learn but the ripple effect that we create is greater and fulfils us and our lives in much bigger way and on the level that person who never decided to follow that voice and use their gift will forever be blinded.

I mentioned that pain is needed and for everyone this pain will have many different forms. What we try to do and escape from is the pain, not to feel it and have it in our life, but no matter how hard we try the life experience will bring us pain.

In the years of my existence and building myself up after many falls I came to realise that I am thankful for the pain in my life, for the very painful situations, experiences such as a divorce, losing someone close, quitting a well paid job, etc. and moments because without them I would have not become who I am, I would have not learned those lessons and be able to share it with others to protect them to guide them and to create the reality that I truly desire.

Like many of us, we regret things we wished happened or not happened but when you look back on all that did happen only by looking backwards you can truly realise the lessons in the experiences and decisions you have made and only then they will all make sense.

Of course I wished I saved time and learned a lot of it quicker and earlier but this was my journey and what I know to be true is that my mission is now to serve and help those in need to avoid mistakes I made, learn things about ourselves, our lives, relationships and businesses that you are yet to discover through a message, video, article, a friend and event you will go to and through the anger you will feel because you cannot accept any longer the life you have or the person you are.

I may have not mention that I am a business coach and I help female coaches and aspiring coaches launch their business, stand out online and attract clients. All this is amazing and I love what I do but the foundation of this work and for anyone that desires success, wealth and growth has to realise their journey, be aware of their blocks and start seeing the gift they have and this is when the change will happen.

You have to be aware of the pain, accept it and be thankful for those lessons because they take you closer to the person you are meant to become.

Being aware of the blocks and the help you may need and change what is necessary to move from dreaming to creating your true desires in reality.

While this sounds so simple to realise – what is your gift and how to use it, as well as what will create your wealth and your joyful living, however many people will choose to ignore it. They will choose to give up to the fear of what could happen if they chose this maybe more difficult path. This unknown path is one that others do not accept or understand where you could lose all that you have and have been working for and everyone you have in your life that make you feel safe, loved and wanted.  Because this is all you know right now.

When you move deeper into this though how this situation you are in and the life you have and people that surround you make you feel, who are you becoming around this environment everyday are you a better person and nourish your life to expand and grow? When you think deeper are you standing still in the same place and feel resistance and anger that you have not yet achieved what you see others have and you know it is destined for you?

Those feelings should not be ignored.

There is more pain coming your way because to grow and expand you may have to make very difficult choices like those which I took in my life too.

If it does not help you expand and grow no matter how scary it is this is where you should make a change.

Your gift is your ticket to change yourself and your life.  I live by the quote which says that all that you desire is on the other side of fear and it so true.

You have been equipped with a gift and all abilities to create your own reality.

Having your own business and creating that freedom lifestyle which is my WHY so I can feel free to do my own decisions and to help others around when I want to. My why is to help women succeed and use their gift to create more joyful people in the world and more freedom in their lives?

Business is balance of strategies structure, discipline and consistency with the mind-set that drives you further with a mind-set that seeks answers within and creates confident beliefs in yourself no one else but you are the centre of your own success in life, business or relationship or health it is all connected together more powerfully than you think and it can take one decision to turn it all around and bring you closer to the vision you hold in your mind of whom you mean to be. You hold the power to make that decision.

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Malina B is an intuitive business coach for female coaches who want to stand out online as the go to expert attracting high end clients, creating content that attracts and converts but most importantly want to build life on their own terms. She is a creative soul and advocate for bringing more women and their talents into the light. She started her own business helping other women because she believed there should be more kindness and joy and in her heart she felt there is more for her to contribute in this world.  

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