Why You Should Walk While Talking on Your Phone

If you are an entrepreneur chances are that you spend over 12 hours every day working on your brand and building your business.

This means you are sitting for at least 8 hours a day. Add a couple of hours on social media to stay updated and an odd Netflix or TV and the figure is roughly 12 to 14 hours on average.

So, what’s wrong with sitting?

Let me tell you three facts about sitting:

  • Enough scientific evidence is available for us to show how sitting for long hours is becoming the number one reason of all health issues from obesity to increased blood pressure, high blood sugar to abnormal cholesterol levels.
  • If you sit at a desk for long hours, you cannot undo the damage even if you work out later in the day or on weekends.
  • In addition, this sedentary lifestyle has damaging effect on physical fitness and mental wellness too.

Here are four effective, smart and simple ways anyone can incorporate activities and moderate exercise in their existing working life without sacrificing quality of work or making big changes in your set-up.

Walk while talking on your phone. Make it a rule.

If you spend an average 5 minutes talking on a call and have 15 calls a day, you have done 75 minutes of moderate exercise already without even realizing it or sacrificing any quality of work. This works well even when you work from home, attend zoom meetings or join team and client briefings.

Get creative. Think of your day and find time slots where you need not necessarily sit but you sit because of habit. Maybe you can do voice typing, check news and scroll through social media while walking.

You get bonus points for:

  • Walking in nature, in a park if possible or a quick walk around the building. Nature walk will enhance your mental clarity, mood and creativity too.
  • Get creative with your daily team briefing or brainstorming sessions. Set up a walking meeting with your team and partners. A change of scenery will boost everyone’s creativity and make you healthier as well.

Take a short break for every hour of sitting

Taking short 5-10 minute breaks will add up at the end of the day. Get up, walk and make a cup of coffee, have a glass of water, nibble or stretch. Set an alarm so you don’t miss it.

This quick burst of activity will boost blood circulation and relax your back and neck.

You get bonus points for stretching in these breaks.

  • Stretching restores balance and reduce the dreaded neck and shoulder pain we all suffer from.
  • It helps to boost blood circulation in legs.
  • Stretching is a great stress buster too.

Stand while working.

You can get a flexi desk with variable heights or just improvise with a high table to get started. If nothing else, you can stand and work from your laptop on your regular desk for few minutes especially if you are reading emails or checking reports.

Combine Social Media time and TV watching with a treadmill.

It will give you an added incentive as you are less likely to munch on junk and more likely to eat healthier and hydrate yourself in your relaxing hours.

PRO Tip: Walking in nature is proven to reduce stress and enhance mental wellness.

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Anu Bhatnagar is a consultant, trainer and storyteller who is passionate about lifestyle, public health and experiences of women entrepreneurs.

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