High Level of Integrity

You want to make a difference. You’re a good person who wants to make a difference for yourself, your family, and in the world around you. The only way to truly accomplish this is to be a person of integrity. To follow the Golden Rule, Do the right thing even when no one is watching, and to Walk Your Talk in business and life.


Cut from the Same Cloth

Is there anything more off-putting, or infuriating, as someone who wants to tell you what you should do or what you should have done when they have no clue what you are going through? Right now you probably have no shortage of people close to you that are constantly badgering you with advice and suggestions on how you should run your business and live your life. Sure they mean well, but chances are they are unable to guide you properly because they have never been where you are and faced the same struggles as us.

We are First Generation Entrepreneurs! We come from regular working class roots and took the leap of faith to start the journey as entrepreneurs. We never had the luxury of being handed a thriving business with pre-existing customers. We weren’t given a handbook of established procedures and traditions. And heck, if we’re being completely honest, most of us lacked any basic advantage starting out because we didn’t have the opportunity to learn the ropes of business from an experienced family member.

Nope. We had to learn the hard way with lots of trial and error, then more trial and tons more error. This is what has defined us. This is what makes us unique. We keep going, driven to fulfill our purpose and realize our dream no matter the odds and despite the constant naysaying from those who are supposed to have our back.


Mentoring that’s Right for You

You know that the only way to get to that next level is to overcome that big problem currently holding you back. You’re looking for a shift in mindset, new perspective, or proven strategies that will help you get there quicker and bring greater rewards. The right mentor will provide this and much, much more.

You don’t want just anybody advising you. You are seeking help to achieve business and life success. These are extremely important and highly sensitive to you and your family. Don’t you deserve the best?

As my mentor Jim Lutes says, “Unsuccessful people ask ‘What will it cost me?’ but successful people always ask ‘What will this make me?’” – 2 completely different mindsets. Personally, I’ve always wanted to learn from the best and brightest leaders that I could connect with. With full confidence and integrity I can tell you that I have invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in my own personal and professional development so that I can live up to my full potential as an individual and coach, and ultimately offer you the absolute best when we work together. This is my continued promise to you.