What Do You Know About Past Money Trauma?

Have you ever had a bad experience with money?

I’m not talking about that time you forgot your coupons at home and had to pay full price for groceries or that time you were overcharged on your monthly statement and had to spend an hour on the phone to get a credit on your bill.

Past money trauma is serious and often leaves emotional and mental scars. 

Often times this develops from a young age if we fail to learn responsible money management or following a very embarrassing and often costly investment that we later regret. But money trauma isn’t limited to just these two examples. It could just as easily be developed over time following a series of poor financial decisions or bad money habits. 

Where there is money trauma, typically we also find: 

  • Negative Emotions Tied to Money (such as stress, anxiety, guilt, and shame)
  • Scarcity Thinking (when you think there is a limited supply of money and opportunities)
  • Unknown Resistance (or Forces) Stopping You from Financial Growth

Serious professionals know that money trauma isn’t something to take lightly. Dismissing these money related issues can bring unwanted stress, relationship issues, anxiety, and symptoms of depression. 

If this is something you’ve been experiencing then it’s time to eliminate that past money trauma and release any other negative feelings associated with money.

Start by identifying the root causes, situations, and behaviors that need to be eliminated and improved. One great way to do this is by journaling. This is because over the years you pushed aside or simply forgot those traumatic events. While you stopped being consciously aware of those circumstances, you were still unconsciously tied to those negative experiences through your emotions. This is why you might experience things like anxiety, stress, or guilt when it comes to thinking about finances. 

Journaling will help you uncover those forgotten memories and experiences so that you can work on eliminating them properly. 

If you’re not sure where to begin, then check this out.

I put together a Manifest Money Journal with 30 days worth of transformational writing prompts designed to help you identify and release: 

  1. Past Money Trauma
  2. Hidden Money Blocks
  3. Poor Belief Systems
  4. Scarcity Thinking
  5. Dangerous Emotional Ties to Money
  6. Toxic Financial Relationships
  7. Bad Spending Habits

Each day you’ll be given a new topic that will have you looking deep to uncover and address those negative experiences that have been causing mental distress and financial suffering. 

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