Use the “Sticky Note Method” for Your First Instagram Video

Entrepreneurs around the globe realize the benefits of marketing their services on Instagram but, for many, there’s one big problem that’s blocking them from significant business growth. You see, these pros saw the potential and created their business account. They filled out the short bio portion appropriately and even used a few emoji to make it look appealing and personable. Of course they made sure to link their website to direct traffic. But do you know what happened? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Do you know why nothing happened? It’s simple. Nothing happened because they’re not using the platform to share their message and build value with their audience.

I reached out to a few of these silent entrepreneurs to find out what was stopping them from sharing their message on Instagram.

For some it’s fear of criticism. Others have anxiety when it comes to speaking in front of an audience. And some entrepreneurs simply don’t know how to deliver a clear and concise message discussing their services.

Do you have an excuse for not sharing your message on Instagram and social media in general?

If so, then check out this episode to learn a simple strategy that will have you shooting your first Instagram video within minutes of this training.

In this episode you will learn how to:
– Eliminate anxiety and fear of messing up after you press the record button
– Develop a clear message for your audience and stay laser focused with your delivery
– Write only a sticky note’s worth of content to create a video your fans will love


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