There is More to Business, Career, and Life than Meets the Eye

If the title makes you frown, then this article is not for you.

Too many times, I met people who are unhappy with or unsuccessful in one or more areas of their business, career, and private life. Often, these people are aware of the real problem: they believe they are not big enough, not good enough, or not tough enough to manage whatever the issues in their business, career, or private life.

This situation can be successfully resolved in many ways because they are aware of the problem. But, what if the problem is not visible to the naked eye? Then an intuitive business, career, or private life consultant may help. First of all, by providing additional insight. Let me give you a brief background.

Your thoughts and actions will determine your business, career, and overall life experience. Yet, there is much more to it than meets the eye: your information energy fields (IEFs).

Imagine Tom, a business owner. He has a plan and works hard to reach his goals. But, in his Material IEF resides the false belief that money or success is the root of all evil. This hidden negative belief hiding in his IEF governing his material and financial life will diminish his conscious efforts. He will achieve just a fraction of what he could achieve. (If the content of his Material IEF remains as is.)

Imagine Mary, a woman in her prime years who wants a dedicated life partner. She takes good care of herself, both inside and outside. But, in her Emotional IEF sits an image of a single cactus. This inner image in her IEF regulating her emotional life will make her conscious efforts futile. She will enjoy just partial happiness in her love life. The hidden negative image of one single solitary cactus in her IEF will undermine her conscious efforts.
(If the content of her Emotional IEF stays unchanged.) The content of IEFs (inner world scenes, images, beliefs, etc.) can be taken literally or symbolically.

Literally, Tom and hidden limiting beliefs in his Material IEF. Symbolically, Mary and one cactus in her Emotional IEF.

Information energy fields are often called, referred, and comparable to subconscious mind, subconsciousness, scalar fields, human energy fields, morphogenetic fields, etc. Imbalance in IEFs will show as a different business, career, or private life problems.

Although IEFs are invisible to the naked eye, some people observe them.
(True psychics or clairvoyants can do this, to the extent.)

Other people can not only view but also change IEFs.
(In short, that’s what I do.)

Real-life business and career example follows.

Michelle was a life and leadership coach with some experience and a stable six-figure income. It was all fine, but she wanted more. To check if there was anything in her IEFs preventing her to earn more or to be even more successful, we did The Career Checkup.

In her Material IEF, I found an image of her house with a garden. Nothing to worry about, but I looked behind it. There was another image of her garden hose. It was dripping water due to a faulty faucet. It looked like her business and finances were just dripping.

Money and clients, dripping.

Leads and referrals, dripping.

Things could be much better, for sure.

I mentally changed this inner image for another one of a lush garden. There I put — instead of a faulty faucet — a modern irrigation system bringing all the water her business and career needed to grow and succeed.

I also encouraged Michelle to find new ways to promote her business. It worked really well. In the next two months, her business was re-started: new leads and new clients came. Even some new projects and partnerships were on the way. Just like that.

Much-needed symbolic water was poured on thirsty soil, and rain brought new life to dry ground. Michelle’s business and career are still growing, after almost three years.

If you want similar results, learn more.

Filip Dedi

Filip Dedi is an intuitive business, career, and private consultant born in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Dubrovnik. Dedi is also an accomplished author and has self-published several titles, including Self Mechanics 101, Applied Self Mechanics, and Mentalna ogledala. His latest book is called The Impact of Inner Works: Helping You to Flourish In Business, Career, and Private Life. Its purpose is to make your life better, unlock your problems and help you to understand what has held you back for so long.

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