Press the Red Button Already

Nobody wants to be just another life coach, consultant, freelancer, or Average Joe entrepreneur with blah-blah services. Let’s face it, it’s a noisy place out there and if you’re not defining yourself and standing out from the crowd then, unfortunately, you will be lumped in with everyone else saying the same thing. That’s no way to build a stable business and you certainly can’t develop a brand identity that way.

One powerful way to both define yourself/brand and establish your leadership platform is by putting out original content. This might include blogging, podcasting, or vlogging – which can be the simplest and most time/cost efficient option for professionals getting into content creation.

BUT, I’m willing to bet that you already know all of this. So if you already know this then there has to be another reason you’re not doing it. Your audience wants to hear from you but you’ve been holding back and not giving them what they want. What’s stopping you? Isn’t it about time for you to stand out and really build your brand authority? If you’re ready to be seen as an recognized expert in your field then it’s time for you to push the red button already!

In this episode you will learn how to:
– Break through those barriers stopping you right now
– Be comfortable in front of the camera
– Create content your audience will love


In 2019, I am committed to helping 10,000 First Generation Entrepreneurs make a difference for self, family, and in the world.

10-Minute Mentor is a podcast and training series that provides the mentoring and training you need to develop and deliver your meaningful message, build brand loyalty by creating strong customer relationships, and grow your leadership platform.

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