How to Bring Magic into Your Business

Did you realize that you are a magical being brought here to leave a legacy of creation, growth, and expansion upon this Earth?  In this video, you will be reminded of how to use the tools available within yourself, as well as the energies of the Universe to create the magical business of your dreams.  As a first-generation entrepreneur, I would bet that you began your business because you were highly passionate about sharing your skills with the world.  That is beautiful energy.  Now, the trick is how to keep that beautiful energy flowing while you are working through the mundane energies of daily life, while you are growing and building your business, while simultaneously maintaining the demands and obligations in the other areas of your life. 

In this video, we will discuss how to work with Divine Energy, just as the Magician in the Tarot (which is simply all archetypes we encounter and work with while on this beautiful Tree of Life Journey as a human being).

I hope that this video encourages you to get in touch with your Divinity, express your authenticity as a divine being, and bring this authentic expressive energy into your business.  Not only will this magical transformation bring you personal bliss, but by integrating divine magic into your daily existence, both inside and outside, you are a beautiful role-model to others to express themselves in their own beautiful divinity and authenticity as they were created to be. 

Connect with Cassandra:

Rebel Humanitarians

My name is Cassandra Pohlman and I am the owner of Rebel Humanitarians.  I specialize in various programs and methods to help humanity reconnect to their divinity and make the most out of their human experience. 

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