COACHES: Raise Your Rates for 2019 (Part 3 of 3)

Coaching is a $2 billion global industry that continues to grow each year. In such a rapidly expanding field and with so many unique niche markets there is no shortage of good reasons for someone to start their coaching business. The majority of us began this journey to really make a difference and we felt it was our true calling in life. But let’s be honest, the perks of the business certainly helped in the decision making process.

For many, it’s the attraction of being self-employed. Some individuals are tired of slaving away at their office job and are drawn in by the sexy online photos of coaches working poolside from their laptop or mobile device. Of course we can’t forget the people that are hypnotized by the charms of that webinar host promising an easy six-figure business that doesn’t require advanced training or prior experience.

Now I’m curious, since starting your coaching business

  • Has it been everything you imagined?
  • How often are clients knocking down your door to throw money at you?
  • Do you have a long waiting list of clients who want to work with you?
  • Have you been able to launch your latest product or program while soaking in the rays on an exotic beach somewhere?
  • Have you reached the level of financial freedom you truly desire?

Here’s some food for thought. Forbes reported a statistic by the International Coach Federation (ICF) that the number of worldwide coaches increased from 47,500 in 2012 to 53,300 in 2016 and continues to increase by an average of about 1,500 new coaches yearly. As of 2016, there were an estimated 17,500 coaches in North America alone and Western Europe led the pack with an estimated 18,800.

So, if the coaching industry is really growing at this incredible pace, is it really a good time to discuss raising your rates?

YES! – Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes again.

Not only is this a good time to have this discussion, it’s a great time to actually do it and make it a reality. I know, it sounds crazy and perhaps a bit scary but it’s the truth. That’s why I’m giving you this special 3-PART “Raise Your Rates for 2019” training. You’ll notice I used the key word “training” so you know you’re going to get actionable items throughout this 3-part series.

In this training, I’m going to give you 5 reasons you should raise your rates for 2019 plus actionable items to get it done ASAP. That’s right, I’m going to help you get it done immediately. This isn’t a goal for next year at this time. It’s not even a hopeful six-month goal as long as the stars align.

This is how committed I am to helping you succeed.

How about you? Are you ready to finally walk your talk or will it be another year of just talking a good talk and making excuses as to why it didn’t happen yet?

As you already know, it’s my goal to help 10K entrepreneurs in 2019 create a difference for self, family, and the world. I believe that by empowering you to raise your rates, then you will be able create the financial security you deserve. You’ll have more time to spend with those you love. And you’ll have more time and money to continue making a greater impact in your community and in the world. After all, that’s why you became a coach right? You wanted to make a difference. Now we can make a difference together.

In this special 3-part series I will show you how to:

  • Get the edge in a noisy industry and stand out from the crowd
  • Deliver a powerful message that attracts the right clients
  • Transform conversations into happy conversions
  • Build a loyal tribe of raving fans that sing your praises
  • Position yourself as a recognized and credible authority figure


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