Charging What You Are Worth

Do you find yourself charging less than what you could be charging? Do you feel that you can’t charge more for the services you offer? Do you simply feel uncomfortable to ask potential clients for money, and that’s why you keep your fees relatively low, making it more affordable for them to work with you, and are more inclined to say yes? Or do you feel sleazy about asking to be paid for what you love to do?

If this resonates with you then you may:

  • Don’t feel you deserve more than what you are asking clients to pay you
  • Don’t think people would pay you more, so you keep your prices affordable
  • Don’t think you can get paid very well for something you love doing
  • Feel that keeping your prices low will get you more clients
  • Have limiting beliefs about money and your ability to make more
  • Feel uncomfortable or even sleazy when asking for money
  • Or worse… feel ashamed to receive money for the powerful healing you bring to others

The ugly truth is……

It’s all a mindset problem that comes from fears, worries, doubts, things you have learned about money growing up, and the limiting beliefs you have around money. All these things are also called Money Blocks!!!

These money blocks not only determine how much you are allowing yourself to make, but also determine the amount of success you allow yourself to experience, how easy you will allow clients to come and find you, and they determine all other aspects of your business and often even your life.

If you have Money Blocks, and unfortunately we all do to some degree, you can work as hard as you want, you can do all the right things to grow your business, and attract more clients, but nothing is going to get you the results you want, and should be getting.

The good news is…. It doesn’t have to be like this!

Once you know what is holding you back and standing in your way of experiencing greater abundance, you can do something about it! Clarity is what will set you free!

In order to gain this greater clarity, there is one very important step you must take, which is uncovering what these blocks are and where they are coming from.

Anytime you catch yourself saying things like: “I can’t afford this”, “It’s too expensive”, even if you say things such as “Its hard to get clients, or make money” all these statements keep you within the energy of lack and limitation but the truth is, these are not true! It doesn’t have to be hard to make money, to attract clients with ease, or even to attract more opportunities to experience greater abundance. Everything is possible, and you too deserve to tap into the abundance that is available to each and every person.

However, it starts with uncovering those pesky blocks and limitations to money and abundance. The rest is going to be easy. Because once you know what is holding you back and sabotaging the flow of abundance, you can do something about it. If you don’t know, you are stuck in the unknowingness and limitation.

You may wonder, how do I do this? How do I find out what is holding me back? Do I even have blocks to money?

Unfortunately, if you are not making the income you want to be making, if your working way harder than you want to be, only to just barely get even, then I am sorry to tell you this, but you do have blocks to money.

To uncover what they are, you want to become the detective of your own mind! You want to uncover the following as it relates to money:

  • How do you feel about money?
  • What do you belief to be true?
  • How do you react when you get bills in the mail?
  • How do you feel when having a “sales” conversation with potential clients?
  • What thoughts, fears, and doubts come up when you think about your financial future?
  • What have you learned about money as you were growing up?

Asking yourself these questions is a good start in uncovering what is really going on, and what is keeping you from calling in more of the beautiful green paper.

To assist you with releasing your pesky Money Blocks that are keeping you from experiencing the abundance you want to experience, you may even crave to experience, you can get the Money Blocks Buster Formula, a simple, yet powerful 4 step formal that will help you kick your money blocks to the curb once and for all!  


Kay Sanders, also known as the Creator of Possibilities, is an Intuitive Business Mentor, Akashic Record Guide, International Bestselling Author and founder of the Divine Business Academy. She is a mentor to heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to create momentum, and scale their business so they can help more people, make a bigger impact and make more money doing so. 


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