Better Thoughts, Better Business

Building your business is exciting.  This is your dream, your livelihood, your career.  You have ambition, passion, ideas and goals.  You are working around the clock, you are networking, researching and you are hustling.  Your social media game has improved, your advertising is clever and you are set up for success.  According to all the books and entrepreneurial experts, you are doing everything right.  So why do you take 5 steps forward and 6 steps back?   Why does it seem that you are not progressing?   Why are you coming just short of the goal?

Building a business is just like building yourself.  The work that you put in is all for nothing if you don’t believe in yourself.  Imagine a body builder, who does everything right, has the perfect symmetry, the perfect muscle mass, and the body that was meant to win the competition.  The only problem is she doesn’t believe she can win.  She gets on stage and there’s a lack of confidence.  Her thoughts, negative and criticizing, show in her performance.  Although her body is the epitome of success, her thoughts are telling her she cannot win and so she doesn’t.

If you are building a business and set up for success but can’t seem to expand, reach certain goals or you are having constant setbacks, it’s time to check your mind.   There is a significant amount of research showing the benefits of having a positive mindset.  You can find a tremendous amount of information on this in books, movies, scripture, podcasts, and testimonies, dating back thousands of years.  From ancient scriptures like the bible, to modern day podcasts, you can learn all about the benefits of positive thinking.

I love the phrase, “what we think about, we bring about.”   Thoughts are so powerful; they will tell your brain to generate what you are thinking about.   If you are asking yourself, “what happens if this business doesn’t work?” your brain is going to compute for you all the scenarios of how your business will not work.  That will be what you experience.  When you are telling yourself that it’s too hard, or there are too many obstacles, you will only see the challenges.  This is because this is what you are focused on and what you are focused on amplifies.  You have to stop the negative thoughts from forming.  The negative thoughts will take a harmful toll on building your business.  These thoughts will hinder growth, decrease sales and cause clients to leave.   What you think and what you say can dictate successes and failures.

You have to understand that this takes work.  Better thoughts will help you build your business, but you have to be willing to do the work to change your thoughts.  You have to become aware of what you’re thinking and then immediately replace the negative thought with a positive one.   How do you begin?  Start with better questions.   If you ask yourself “what can I do to make this work?” your brain is going to compute all the things you can do to better your business.

If you want to improve your business, start asking yourself positive questions.

“How can I be more successful?” 

“What can I do to increase sales?” 

“How can I make my clients happier?”  

These questions will spark your brain to look for the answers.  Learn to use your words in a better way.  Catch yourself when you are about to complain.  Use positive affirmations daily; envision your business exactly how you want it to look.  Create the success in your mind and use failures as lessons to learn from.  With time and practice, you will get accommodated to a better mindset and you will notice your thoughts will automatically become more positive.

Remember, you can have all the tools necessary to succeed but if you’re lacking belief, you are only holding yourself back.  Better thoughts will spark better business.  Once you start practicing better thinking, your focus shifts to positive outcomes and what you focus on will magnify.  This will help your business shift from stagnant to steady and from failing to flourishing.  Better thoughts will promote better business and a better life. 

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Maria Faller is the founder of Be A Better You Fitness and Be Better Kids.  She is dedicated to teaching others how to advocate for their own health, empower themselves and help them become the best version of themselves. She is a certified elite fitness trainer, nutrition consultant and wellness coach. Maria is the creator of the Transform and Tell program: 12 weeks to a better you and the “BABY Steps to Better Thoughts” Program. She is a freelance author and motivational speaker. She is the author of the newly released book BABY STEPS: A realistic guide to Being a Better You now available on Amazon.

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