Believe to Achieve with Sergio Tigera

Scientists said it was humanly impossible, but on May 5th, 1954, Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile. He didn’t even let the “truth” get in his way toward his ambitions, and he paints a vivid picture of how our beliefs trump our abilities. Our abilities may illustrate to us what we can do now, but our beliefs dictate our potential. 

In this podcast, Sergio will illustrate three key points that help audiences break through personal barriers just like Roger Bannister did. He covers Self-talk and how we can serve as our greatest influencer. What we believe about ourselves, whether we say it aloud in conversations or quietly in our head, will change our behavior and outcomes. 

Goals may be the buzz-phrase for achievers, but Habits are the truepredictors of our success. It doesn’t matter where we are today, but rather how we can use our time now to reach our goals tomorrow. 

And finally, our attitudes dictate the way we approach life. Defeatism can keep us in the mire of our worst days. But if we take the path of boldness, we can carry ourselves through tough times and life-changing challenges.


Sergio Tigera is Executive Director of Development at The Pacific Institute, keynote speaker and coach.  For nearly 50 years, TPI has been applying their expertise to ignite human potential and drive peak performance in individuals and organizations.  

Sergio began his impressive career with Caterpillar, Inc. Over the next 14 years, his talents at Caterpillar led him to numerous sales, marketing and management positions across four countries and three continents. Leading successful projects in Spain, and Geneva, Switzerland, Sergio broke all-time European sales records at Caterpillar, generating $180 million in sales. In Rome, Italy, he improved dealer profitability by 20% and successfully managed a $140 million dealer acquisition. After setting all-time sales and revenue records in Colombia, Sergio returned to Miami, FL leading a product sales team to exceed his target of $230 million annual business plans.

Upon leaving Caterpillar Inc., Sergio served as Executive Director of Development at Florida International University’s (FIU) College of Business, before joining The Pacific Institute. Since 2001, Sergio has been learning and implementing his own powerful methods for personal and organizational success. Recipient of the South Florida Business Journal’s “40 Under 40” Award, Sergio also raises money each year for the March of Dimes and the United Way.


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