Avoid These 3 Types of Clients

Not everyone is your ideal client. You have a good heart and you want to help those you come in contact with, but unfortunately you can’t help everyone. When you try to help everyone then you help no one. 

Remember that last line.

“When you try to help everyone then you help no one.”

I had to learn this the hard way. 

Growing up I was taught to help others, give back, and be a good neighbor. These are qualities that we can agree are the foundation for a person of good character. However, that level of unconditional and universal giving doesn’t make for a successful business plan. 

Now, in NO WAY am I saying that you can’t be a good-hearted and giving person if you want to be successful. I encourage you to be kind, giving, and heart-centered. I encourage you to operate with full integrity at all times. And I encourage you to maintain good personal and professional values.

However, if you’re a coach, consultant, or other 1-to-1-service provider then you must acknowledge that not everyone is your ideal client. It can be a hard pill to swallow because you got into the service industry to help others. You want to see people grow, achieve, and succeed. And for many, it can be extremely difficult to see someone struggle and not offer assistance.

This is something I still battle, even as I write this blog. For the most part, I always like to give the benefit of the doubt. I look to see the best in people. I believe that we can all change and I frequently give additional chances. Friends and colleagues frequently tell me, “Rich, you always see the good in a situation,” which is a powerful tool for reframing those bad or unfortunate events in life but not always beneficial when it comes to client recruitment.

Unfortunately, some folks don’t want to be helped or they have a secondary gain for keeping pain and struggle within arms reach. Some individuals will take, and take, and take and never give back. Others just want the free stuff and will only waste your time in the end. 

Here are three types of people to avoid with your coaching or service business:

These people always want bargains and discount prices. “Can you give me a break?” or “When are you running another special for new clients?” These people don’t value you or the quality service you provide. Eventually they might convert to become a paying client or perhaps buy a product but they will make you work for it. It’ll be a tug of war and they won’t give in until they’ve beaten you down. They will hold out for the lowest possible price and still complain that it should be lower.

They are just that! They suck your life force during the coaching relationship. They are a huge pain in the ass. Chances are they slipped through the crack or you gave them the benefit of the doubt and they proved to be nothing more than an awful headache. You know exactly whom I’m talking about. Chances are, you had one or more of these clients in the past and you swore to never again allow these people into your circle. Fire these clients right away! 

They will only come for the free stuff and never convert into being a paying client. They’ll talk a good talk and pretend like they’re interested but the only thing they want is the free tools and advice. They’re the first to raise the hand to get that complimentary 30-min strategy call or brand new coaching tool but they’re not touching their wallet to take that next step. They take and never give back. They’ll say “maybe later” or “give me a few days to think” but then they’ll avoid calls or messages. Perhaps they’ll offer the old “now isn’t a good time but definitely in the future” excuse. They may seem like fans and they’ll cheer you on from the sidelines but it’s just a ploy to keep getting the freebies. They’ll continue to lead you on so they can still receive the benefits without having to commit to any real professional relationship.

When you see these people coming then run the other way. Don’t give them your time or attention. These are just three examples of the wrong client and there are plenty more to be discussed.


You are worth it!

Find the clients who love, love, love what you do and don’t settle for people who fail to see your true value.


Can you add to this list? Leave a comment and let other coaches and service providers know some other WRONG CLIENTS TO ABSOLUTELY AVOID.

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