Are Your Habits of Thinking Sabotaging Your Success?

We all have certain behaviors that we routinely do each and every day. We’ve done these actions so many times that we can fly through them on autopilot, unconsciously performing the task with the greatest of ease. Not only do we perform these tasks daily, but also we’ve ritualized them to the point that we complete these jobs following the same sequence and executed in the same manner each time.

Yes, human beings are creatures of habit. Just as we have physical habits we also have thinking habits. These are the thoughts we think over and over again.

In a perfect world, we would use this ability of habit creation with volition to perform masterfully with every endeavor and exceed our goals. But it’s not a perfect world and I’m sure you can think of a few people that have some pretty inefficient habits. In fact, now that you’re thinking about it, you probably also just thought of a couple of friends who have some downright awful habits that are really holding them back. You and everybody around them can see this but for some reason those individuals remain in the dark.

Now I’m curious. If you’re able to spot other people’s poor habits then does that mean they can just as easily spot those inefficient habits that are currently holding you back?

Well, lucky for you, Deb Crowe is our guest mentor and today she is going to help you identify your habits of thinking.

[About Deb Crowe]

Deb’s first career was in Disability Case Management, where she specialized in Neurotrauma from 1990 – 2013. After 23 years as an entrepreneur in the medical rehabilitation sector, Deb decided to transition to life coaching and has become a certified Og Mandino HabitFinder Coach.  Deb coaches individuals with their habits of thinking using a science-based assessment that is based on metacognition.

By day, Deb lives her life by her own unique design.  You may find Deb leading as a Self-Care Guru while life coaching or leading a chair yoga class with seniors or individuals with a disability. By night, Deb is typically relaxing and embracing the pause, enjoying her own yoga practice, meditating, enjoying the silence, hanging out with her family or playing scrabble to keep her mind sharp.

Get your Habit Finder Assessment or learn more about Deb here:

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