5 Success Keys for Powerhouse Speaking

Imagine the confidence to do anything, the ability to call the shots and the power to start a phenomenal movement. If your message could impact, inspire and ignite millions of lives would you unapologetically reach for the mic and take flight?

It is estimated that 73% of the population is afraid of public speaking (known as glossophobia) more than spiders, heights and death. Underneath our speech anxiety is a fear of negative judgment from outside opinions. Your passion must be greater than your petrification. The more you demand of self, the more you can command from life. The more you command from life, the more you will expand your capacity to touch the skies.

You are in control of how your presentation will unfold. Dare to take your audience on an exciting journey to remember for years to come.

Key #1: Protect Your Connection
The moment you mount any platform, intentionally start strong and finish stronger. Hook their mind and hold their heart until the very last line. Attention is a luxury not to be squandered by distractions. Power point presentations are merely a tool to enhance and re-enforce your message. Maya Angelou stated, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, forget what you did but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

Key #2: Calm Your Nerves
It is natural to experience slight nervousness as you step in front of a room full of strangers who are expecting to hear life transforming truths. Inhale deep breaths to settle and slow down racing emotions. Eliminate filler words such as: ums, ahs, you know, like etc. These empty space holders weaken your delivery, while you ponder what’s next. The solution is to pause before articulating your upcoming thoughts. If your hands start shaking, cup them in front of you or behind your back until the edginess subsides. Lastly, maintain eye contact with your audience and avoid looking up at the ceiling or down at the floor. Juliette Ferrars boldly exclaimed, “Fear will learn to fear me.”

Key #3: Wear a Crown of Conviction
Powerful presence begins with acute self-awareness. Own your personal superpower. It is essential to become comfortable in your own skin. The audience will know instinctively whether you believe the words you speak wholeheartedly. Place yourself in an empowering mental and empowering STATE before you communicate. Sprinkle your presentation with captivating STORIES more than statistics. The bond between you and those listening will be strengthened through the insight and inspiration they gain from jewels hidden in passionate details of struggle and success. Enter the room as if you carry the SECRET juice to make the coldest soul move, groove and get loose. “Be you very well.” ~St. Francis de Sales

Key #4: Clarity is the Offspring of Simplicity
Steve Jobs said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” When you eliminate complexity you can breathe easy. I’ve used the following three step speaking structure for years.

1) Say what you’re going to say.
2) Say it. (Insert Quotes, Questions and Quick Calls to Action)
3) Say what you said.

Be clear. Be concise. Be compelling.

Key #5: Seek to Be Candid not Closed Minded
If you have nothing to hide, there is nothing to protect. If there is nothing to protect, you have nothing to fear. If you have nothing to fear, there is only one thing left to do but live your truth. Honesty is the firmest foundation you can stand upon. In order to speak freely you must be willing to give yourself permission to be your most authentic, audacious and astounding self. “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~Howard Thurman

It’s your lip’s turn in the spot light…LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! Make it happen!

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Kristie Kennedy, owner of Queenfidence Image Consulting is skilled in four areas of peak performance: mindset mastery, massive momentum, magnetic messaging and potential maximization. Kristie has a passion for igniting influencers who have reached an internal plateau with simple success strategies. She is a certified executive leadership coach, certified personal trainer and licensed beauty professional who provides first class advice on how to find your voice, free your voice and look fabulous using your voice. Her life is a testament that you can shift from mediocrity to magnificence one audacious action step at a time.

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