5 Simple Steps That Can Help Small Businesses Keep Busy Customers Happy

With so many Americans stressed and pressed for time, finding efficient ways to shop has become critical to small business success these days. So, if you’re not targeting busy online shoppers, you could be missing out on a huge revenue stream. Thankfully, updating your strategies to entice those busy customers to become repeat shoppers can be very simple, especially for businesses that put these profit-boosting steps to work.

Offering In-Demand Products

Busy shoppers are more likely to come back to your business if you stock the products they want the most. If your current selection is lacking, however, you can easily increase your inventory by adding dropshipping products to your website.

You can learn more about how dropshipping can make your business money, while saving you time, effort, and overhead costs, by checking out online guides. You’ll also learn which products work best for different e-commerce sites and which products will appeal to your busiest customers, as well as other shopper personalities. Dropshipping products can range from clothing to coffee mugs to electronics, all of which can boost impulse and repeat purchases for your business.

Creating User-Friendly Websites

When your customers are busy, they don’t want to waste time figuring out your website. That’s why user-friendly sites are so critical for attracting and keeping those busy shoppers. Small decisions, such as choosing a short domain name or using legible fonts, are often the key to ensuring that the busiest online shoppers feel comfortable navigating your site. Since the end-goal is to get customers to complete purchases, Small Business Trends points out that utilizing a secure checkout system is essential, too.

Investing time and resources into creating your business website is the number one way to keep your e-commerce business competitive with other retailers, so be sure to follow the necessary steps to make sure your website stands out. You can use a website builder to create your website, but for a truly customized and engaging site, you should look to hire an experienced web developer.

Using Strategic Marketing Emails

Busy shoppers also tend to be distracted shoppers. That’s why it’s beneficial to use abandoned cart emails to your advantage, providing a gentle reminder to encourage busy consumers to complete their forgotten purchases.

Since many of these consumers will be shopping via mobile devices, try to keep your abandoned cart messages short (around 50 characters) and also be sure to send these messages within an hour or two, when products will be fresh in shoppers’ minds. These abandoned cart emails should be a part of your overall email marketing efforts, which should also include welcome emails, upsell messages, and promotion information.

Providing Prompt Customer Service

If you want to entice busy customers to keep buying from your e-commerce site, especially during the pandemic, you also need to offer excellent customer service to go along with your extensive selection, efficient website, and engaging emails. With the advent of technology, providing quality customer service can essentially come down to timing, with many consumers stating that having instant responses from businesses encourages them to become loyal customers.

You can increase satisfaction by adding personal touches to your replies as well, especially if you are too busy to provide instant replies. Quicksprout notes another option for providing real-time customer service is to encourage website visitors to use your FAQ page to access convenient product information.

Protect Your Homefront

As you dive further into an online business, be sure to raise a couple of key defenses. First and foremost, protect your personal assets by creating an LLC. You can do this inexpensively and easily through an online service. Also, protect your data. Data breaches can sink your business in a heartbeat, so following precautions like a solid password policy and firewalls is of paramount importance.

If you want your business to thrive in the e-commerce world, you have to be able to reel in those busy shoppers and turn them into loyal customers. After all, most consumers are pressed for time and looking for convenience. So, find ways to provide that convenience with your products, services, and marketing efforts to keep shoppers coming back to your site.

Article contributed by: Derek Goodman

You can connect with him here: Inbizability.com 

Photo Credit: Pexels

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