3 Simple Ways to Make an Impact in Your Community

It’s a noble act to serve others and want to make a difference in the world. We read on social media or hear in the news about superstar celebrities who make huge donations to charities or start movements in support of a cause that spread like wildfire. Those stories are certainly inspiring. Yet as motivating as these stories are, they can also leave us motionless. Sure we want to do something significant for others but how will our minuscule effort compare to that of those celebrities?

Listen to this episode of “10-Minute Mentor” and discover how you can make a major impact with people in your own backyard, without any substantial cost or even change in lifestyle. Plus, the more you give to others then you increase the flow of blessings that come back to you.


In 2019, I am committed to helping 10,000 First Generation Entrepreneurs make a difference for self, family, and in the world.

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