3 Simple Action Steps for You to Build Your Perfect Health System

Are you feeling a bit lost in how to create a long term health system that takes into account your top priorities?

If so, you may be ending your work days with little to no energy.

You feel like you can’t really do what you want with your family or friends.

And you are not going to to be able to continue growing your business long-term if you let this slip by the wayside for much longer.

If you want to create long-term results and stop jumping into the “30-90 day diminishing results programs” that make you turn your whole life upside down for your health. Do this instead.

1. Write Down Your Top Priorities

Write down your top priorities. The things that really matter most to you and you refuse to give up the time you spend on these. You can list as many as you want but really you should whittle it down to your top 3 or less.

2. Create 3 simple habit shifts

Create 3 simple habit shifts that take very little time and will support you in taking control of your health. These should not take longer than 7 minutes a day per habit. Some may not even take more time but just being intentional about shifting your thoughts and reminding yourself throughout the day (like drinking more water).

3. Implement ONE of those habits

Take ONE of those habits above. Ideally the easiest one and start implementing that today. Your only goal is to accomplish this one habit every single day for the next 7 days. Rinse and repeat this process until you feel comfortable adding in more. If you don’t over complicate this process and start telling yourself positive things when you make a mistake every once in a while, (because we all do) you will have built yourself a solid health foundation that won’t be shaken when craziness in business or life gets thrown your way.

Essentially here is what we are doing…

Essentially what we are doing here is realizing that you aren’t going to change your body in one day. It’s going to take a little while and that is OK. What we want to eliminate here is the rollercoaster ride that we have put ourselves through for too long. It ends today and we are building a solid health foundation. One that you can successfully accomplish extensive workouts with, LOVE your body, and feel free and energized to do what matters most to you (eventually). One that when you commit to some exercise program, you will follow through on. One that keeps you in a healthy place and stops you from getting into a worse place than you are now. Because with a solid foundation, anything can be built, no matter how complex or tall it may be. So here’s to taking it one step at a time and creating your foundation around your top priorities because when you do that, it’s sustainable and enhances what you already love doing.

Hope this serves you well and gets you on the right track for life long health.

Blessed to Serve,
Coach Andrew

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Andrew Arnold is the Founder and Creator of The Perfect For You Health System. He is a fitness and mindset coach. He first started out doing gymnastics from the age of 18 months to 17. During that time he went on to compete at the national level. He also coached gymnastics for 6 years before entering the online world in 2015. Andrew is passionate about serving business owners and entrepreneurs in leveling up their health and mindset so that they can achieve their business goals at an accelerated rate and maintain their success through his fitness and mindset coaching.

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